Cross-browser css coding has always been the priority of any designer. IE has been the most troublesome with the layout/design being rendered differently in different versions. We as designer always want to check the layout in all the versions especially if its a business web application. There are many tools and services with there own pros and cons.
I peresonally prefer something that is like browsers(means no screenshots like and free(not like Adobe Browser Lab).
And as IE has been the most troublesome for me testing the layout in all versions of IE is enough for me. If you want for other browsers is always there for you.

My personal choice is a WebBrowser which is free and accurate. Its called IEtester and be downloaded from here.It can be used to check browser compatibility for Internet Explorer versions from 5.5 to 9.
If there are better tools or services out there for this purpose please share the knowledge here.
The choice of IETester is my personal choice and just a suggestion. I am not endorsing or denoucing any tool or services.All are great in there own way. If you have anything better in mind feel free to share here.

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Shifting from a student life to a professional life is always a new experience. So my first blog will deal with some of the points that will surely help to get settled easily. These are some of the things I learnt from my own experience. I intend to write every blog as sort of “Tips and Tricks” so most of them will be point-wise for easy absorptions (It helps as per Human Factor International, HFI). So some of the points that comes to my mind are :-
1.Be yourself. Fake is always uncool and people do see right through you. Fake personalities make other defensive and they do not trust you, which will come in your way one day or other.
2.Keep a notebook and a pen always with you to jot down ideas, instructions and other important stuff. Afterwards you may make a digital copy such as a word document.
3.Always keep things in the same place which will save you a lot of time. And also from embarrassing moments.
4.Keep the digital desktop clean. Keep files in folders.
5.“New Folder” is not the right way to name a folder. Don’t be lazy, name the folder properly. It won’t even take 30secs. Also name the files properly for future reference. You might be aware of folder and file content while working on them but you will surely forget the details afterwards say after 3 months. We do. So let’s help our future self now.
6.While coding maintain a structure and comment properly. In sometime develop a routine and follow it.
7.Keep your inbox clean and read your mails once. After reading it promptly take actions required like replying or keeping in a folder for future reference. Every leading mail service provider lets us to create labels and folders. Do use them. Do not check your mails very often. Try to use something that will notify you when you receive a mail.